Commercial spaces are often large and open.  This enables noise to travel quickly and bounce off walls to create an uncomfortable or distracting echo.

Acoustical panels help reduce these types of problems. These panels create a better overall experience for employees and customers alike by controlling the way sound moves within a building.

Acoustical panels have many applications in buildings of all types.

These panels help protect patients’ privacy by reducing the risk of sensitive information being overheard in medical facilities.

Acoustical panels also help to absorb sound and reduce the echoing on loud industrial sites.

Another great benefit is when used in performing arts venues.  These panels work to improve the overall experience for both performers and the audience.

Whether you are looking to redirect sound, block it altogether, or absorb it to reduce echoing, contact SC Drywall today.

SC Drywall has the knowledge and experience to strategically place these panels for maximum benefits.  We are the right team and will get the job done!